October 23, 2013

With winter drawing ever nearer, I’m not sure if I’m quite ready to start layering with chunky cardigans and wrapping myself with gaudy scarves. Although I used to prefer dressing up for colder months, I now dread letting go of my light sheer tops

and flowy dresses and pretty summer shorts and gorgeous summer sandals and, the list goes on. Moreover, I don’t find it necessary to slip into my killer heels now that I spend most of my free time on the beach – trips to the beach are now more idyllic after months of scorching heat! Oh, I could prattle on and on about the beach…

Recently, I’ve been on a prowl for a funky cap to protect my scalp from the afternoon sun since I started training for kite-surfing. To my delight, there exists a kind that totally tickled the inner kid in me. It’s playfully colourful which I think will make it easier for anyone I know to pick me out of a sea of perfectly baked beach-lovers! “Where’s DK?” “Ah, there! I see her neon cap flashing a smile at me!” Cornballz. Anyway, don’t be surprised if you see me wearing this with a pretty dress, it will surely be hanging out with me a lot in the coming months.

And the Cheesiest Smile Award goes to… drum roll, please…..



 Cap Billabong | Boardshorts Billabong | Slip-ons Aldo | Accessories From Malta |  Shirt Gift from a Friend | Photographer Allan Roska

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