August 30, 2015

The English Language is sometimes a mystery to me. When I came across the saying, If you do not come apart, you will fall apart, my brain was instantly tied in several knots. I must tell you that English is not my first language, so I couldn’t tell what the difference was between come apart and fall apart. Being the curious soul that I am, I sought the wisdom of a friend whose thinking is as vast as the universe (if you’re reading this, Ben, you owe me lunch for such a high regard). He picked my brain with this question,

“You normally leave for work at 8:10am to get to your office before 8:30. Your daily newspaper advised everyone of a major parade of marching bands that will happen around your area at 8am and will definitely cause a major traffic jam. What would you do?”

I thought it was a trick question, and an irrelevant one. So, I threw in a few unrealistic answers that popped into my head only to be shamed by the obvious response,

“Uh, nope, D. Driving faster is not the best way to save time. To get to your office on time, you need to shut off your mobile device and… wake up earlier.”

I hung on every word he said and the last three words stung. But he didn’t make any sense.

He illuminated what he meant by likening me to a cellphone.

Great, I am now a cellphone.

He goes on to say that my function is to be the channel of communication between God and the people around me and that my duty is to convey God’s voice through my life. But just like cellphones, I run on a battery. I can’t just always be on the go, go, go lest I get burned out and shut down. In essence, I need to always be charged with the power of prayer to have “receptivity” to God.

I’ll be the first to admit that the busier I get, the more I gravitate towards a reduced prayer time. Thus I become incapable of communicating who Jesus is through my life. I get so caught up in nothing else but me-me-me and all the plans I have for my life that I tend to forget that it is God who will direct my path. And, sadly, sometimes when I do pray, I just give directives to the Lord without seeking His will. It’s like shooting arrows of crazy requests to the heavens in hopes of gratifying my selfish desires. I eventually get dissatisfied and for this reason, collapse in despair. It’s humbling to be reminded again and again that my prayer won’t change God’s will for me but it will change my heart and open my eyes to see His directives. Hence, more than anything, I need to invest quiet time with Jesus. No cellphones. No laptops. No books to distract me.

Ben was right. If I don’t come apart, I will fall apart. He managed to send his message across but three years and on after this topic was discussed, I still fail to see the relevance of his question.


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