November 29, 2015

Allan and I celebrated our 4th year anniversary on November 5. I will spare you the cheesy details of our relationship, so I’ll just say Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change (James1:17).

After our first year anniversary, we both agreed against anything too flashy for our next anniversary celebrations, instead, do activities we have yet to try together. Now many of you know that Allan is a photographer and a videographer which means virtually every important moment of our life will be documented.

First Year

We had a lovely dinner at Na3na3 restaurant in The Address hotel. I was 24, he was 28 😛


Second Year

We thought of doing something different for our 2nd year other than have dinner around a fancy table – not a bad idea, of course, but that’s what we normally do when time permits us to go out on a date, aside from our shwarma dates when we’re both broke. So a trip to Aquaventure came to mind.

We immortalized our fun moments in the water, out of the water, and sometimes even both in and out of the water that day.

Third Year

We did three activities together for the first time


Fourth Year

Every 5th of November, Dkaye and I momentarily leave our daily tasks behind to spend the whole day together. To us, anniversary celebrations mean we get to go on a long drive with cheesy songs blaring loud on the radio; to have fun in the sun and try new activities; to enjoy our burgers and chips for lunch and wash it down with a soda without a cloud of guilt hanging over our head. It’s usually nothing fancy by any means, but it’s always something totally worth remembering. Here’s a snippet of what went down on November 5, 2015. Small thrills for the big kids. 🙂

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