May 3, 2016

I finally got around to sift through my photos from my recent vacation in Thailand and the Philippines. It always fascinates me how a single photo can trigger a tidal wave of memories and feelings of nostalgia even months and years after they were taken. At times, however, photos are not really helpful when you’re trying to remedy a bout of homesickness. So here I am tearing my mind away from longing for my family back home by scrolling over and zooming in on Google Map looking for a potential country to visit, resting only to shift my eyes to the left side of my screen to write this post.

Multi-tasking is a game I’m good at.

Anyway, as much as I’m excited to share my Thailand adventure with you, I’m saving the post for days when I have nothing else to write about.

I’m only kidding. I actually cannot wait to share the beauty of Thailand with you! But it all depends on when the photos and video will be delivered to me. Allan, honey, if you’re reading this, I take back what I said about taking your own sweet time. 😛

So, what now? Forgive me but I’ve resolved to share an outfit post instead. Ah, when will I ever get to visit Australia? I brought these two pieces with me to Thailand for the following reasons: 1) It’s light to carry 2) I’ll be able to use the backless top to its full potential in Thailand 3) it’s light to carry. I think I just said that. How about I go to Fiji, I won’t need a visa to go there. The backless halter top bears a mesh embellishment on the front, subtle enough to cover what needs to be covered and strong enough to protect what needs to be protected. I decided to pair it with my printed pom pom shorts to complete the look. The only accessory needed was a pair of sunglasses. Footwear? Who needs it when you’re having a quick photoshoot? 😛 Guam is another option, but I think a US Visa is required to travel there.

I’m a bit distracted tonight but I promise to deliver a more sensible post next time. AH, POLAND!

ASOS Top & Bottom, Sunglasses from a flea market in Thailand

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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