August 31, 2015

“Get your outfit ready. We’re doing a shoot on Saturday.”

My world stopped on its axis as I tried to internalize and formulate what I had just heard.

“Yep, shoot on Saturday”, Allan repeated rather coolly.

Great, a confirmation!

Snapping back to reality, I squealed in delight as a long display of outfits reeled in my mind! You see, it is usually I who implore Allan to tend to my silly whims, so hearing him say the magic words was a complete shock to me, albeit a good one.

My mind slowly drifted to the day of the shoot. Allan and I would start shooting just in time for the golden hour; I’d be wearing an off-white whimsical dress matched to a dainty floral crown; I imagined myself barefooted and twirling in a great fat field of serenity green (that is, Zabeel Park no less), causing the hems of my dress to groove rhythmically to my graceful moves while Allan spins in my direction and clicks away. Ah, I couldn’t wait to share something new on my blog!

Then somewhere in my deepest recesses, I heard Allan say,

“…portrait photoshoot.”

I subtly shook off my trance, looked in his direction and searched his thoughts for something I clearly missed.

“You’re not listening to me”, he said quite in dismay.

“I was. Am. I mean, what?”

“I said, I want to do a portrait photoshoot on Saturday and I want you to be my model”, he beamed.

“A portrait photoshoot?”, I asked as my dream photoshoot slowly vanished into thin air.

“Yes, baby. I am excited to try a new technique in photography which includes…” all I heard from there was blah blah blah.

“Great! Let’s do it!” I said, hiding a bit of my disappointment. “But you wanted me to wear something nice, right?”

“Of course I’d want you to wear something nice, but I just told you to get an outfit ready for our photoshoot. I’ll see you on Saturday.” Then he kissed me on the cheek and said bye.

Ah, girls and the rapid flow of their imagination! Especially mine. I giggled at my own silly thoughts and pondered over Allan’s eagerness to hone his craft. I indulged myself the opportunity to cast my mind back over the past few years that I had known him, and think of everything that helped shape him as a photographer. It is truthfully a joy to play a supporting role as I watch him grow in his forte. I’m really excited to see what else is in store for him!

Anyway, Saturday came and I’m pleased to share that I spent a considerable amount of time styling my new hair – this is news because I usually just pin my long hair into a chignon. Had I known that being “bobbed” was fun, I would have gotten a haircut a long time ago! If truth be told, getting a haircut had been on my agenda since last year, however I never got around to it for two reasons: 1) I was a bit apprehensive about looking like Willy Wonka 2) I was just really apprehensive about looking like Willy Wonka. But about two weeks ago, I summed up the courage to pay the hair salon a visit and get the hairdresser to snip off a foot-long lock of my two-year-old hair. It was the best petty decision I’ve ever made! Also, I’ve never used a hair mousse until I got a haircut – who could have thought that it would be my hair’s bestfriend one day? The mousse gives my new bob the lift it needs that easily complements the shape of my face. I’ve also been sparing some time watching tutorials on YouTube on how to jazz up a short-hair look. Sorry, talking about my new hair excites me sometimes. I know I’ll get over it. What about you, what’s your Short Hair story?

This post is as senseless as it is laughable. 😛



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