August 23, 2015

It’s a strange phenomenon. The best ideas for my blog come to me when I’m shampooing and conditioning my hair, soaping and exfoliating my skin, and basically just enjoying an uninterrupted time in the shower. My mind freely ranges and roams into new territories as I think of ways to bring my objectives to fruition, regardless of whether it is achievable or unrealistic. But much to my chagrin, the complete idea that has built up dissipates with the steam once I step out of the bathroom. This vicious cycle sometimes leaves me feeling ineffective and makes me wish there was some sort of a memory card that I could plug into my skull and save all my ideas.

Ah, if only there was one in real life.

Speaking of which, those of you who are tirelessly viewing my posts on Snapchat – perhaps out of boredom or simply whiling away the time – would have probably picked up that I’m an old-school at heart. To those of you who are veering away from Snapchat, well, I like sharing snippets of old, cheesy pop songs. The same applies to movies, I would choose sappy and classic chick flick movies over any genre. There is no method to my madness.

Having said above, I am reminded of one of my favourite tear-jerker movies that fall under Sappy and Classic in my book, If Only. It’s a story about Samantha, the musician girlfriend of a grief-stricken British businessmaan, Ian, who dies in an accident shortly after they had a terrible fight and nearly broke up. Ian miraculously gets a chance to relive the day all over again in the hope of changing the events that led up to his girlfriend getting killed.

I love this film because of its well-structured storyline and offered me a glimpse of the what-if-it-happens-to-me scenario. I drew some conclusions of the possible emotions I might have felt after a severe loss of losing someone I deeply loved… of not understanding their importance and the life they bring out into my being… of facing the guilt head on when I’ve learned how much I took them for granted… and the painful realization that the last word that’s been said was goodbye.

The story just strikes a major chord in me. I need to always be reminded that great moments are beautifully wrapped in simple packages, that what matters most is not what I have but who I have. I sometimes disregard the presence and importance of those people whom I said I love and care about, even to the extent of giving them my second-best attention when they are the ones whom I can’t live without.

If only I could turn the hands of time and have known what will happen and have said what’s in my heart…

And if only that special memory card existed, you wouldn’t be reading such a sappy blogpost.

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