March 4, 2016

Oh. Wow.

This is quite embarrassing, I haven’t written a single word in this blog for like a gazillion months! As much as I want to justify that I have a good reason for not updating my “Lair of Random Musings” — you know, the past several weeks have been a whirlwind of activities and work and travel — that simply won’t do it. Cue in a flashback of the ridiculous amount of time I had spent on Snapchat and Instagram, gulp!

I have this overwhelming feeling of being a marooned explorer wandering through a tangled and dense wilderness of thorny plants and trees as tall as the buildings along Sheikh Zayed Road and discovering a hidden fortress behind a thick curtain of leaves. Think of Flynn Rider when he was being chased by the castle guards. I slowly walk up to the castle, open its rusty doors and lo and behold, before me lay precious gems of every sort that glimmer under the light that permeate the forest. That is exactly how I feel after a blogging sabbatical.

And what will I be writing here now? Sorry for the let-down but not much today. I’m currently darting between my wardrobe and laptop as I’m excitedly about to dash out for today’s out-of-town trip with my friends! I will, of course, be taking you all with me through Snapchat and Instagram. And just between you and me, Allan and I have a scheduled photoshoot sesh… shh, it’s still a secret.

Now if you please excuse me, the ocean is beckoning me to it. Be right back.

*the featured image is not my own. But we can pretend the lady gracefully projecting under the water is me

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