September 24, 2015

The idea of traveling to Malta was conceived when I was 19-years-old; the idea became a passion and six years later became a wonderful fruit of my labour. You must be wondering what took me that long to actually set off on a journey into the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Here’s why: Getting on a plane used to make me feel sick in the stomach. It wasn’t that I was afraid of flying, it was the nauseating smell of the aircraft that I had to endure for hours which hindered me, and I also felt sedated the moment I perched myself on my seat. Add to my torment the revolting smell of plane food.

BUT. I’m glad that I got over it.

Anyway, my Malta trip two years ago was probably one of the most exciting and memorable days of my life. The Lord’s provision allowed me to bring my mom and take her to places I only used to see in pictures. To this very day, I can still vividly remember the emotions of absolute thrill surging through every fibre of my being as we finally landed in Malta and saw the welcoming landscape of the country I used to dream so much about. The locals were very easy to approach and chat with and we were treated with kindness during the whole duration of our five-day visit.

Day 1 – After checking into Hotel Juliana, my mom and I started exploring St. Julian

Day 2 – We spent the whole day at Gozo, Malta’s sister island which is known to be a land of legend and tranquility

Day 3 – My mom and I set off for a trip to the Blue Grotto. The restaurants in the area serve freshly caught seafoods

Day 4 – Visited Mdina, also know as the Silent City of Malta. Then we wandered through Sliema and Valletta

Day 5 – We were just chilling and buying souvenirs in St. Julian

My mom chillin’ at St. Julian

Hotel Juliana 🙂

At Gozo

Our rides!!

Prehistoric + Modern 😛


Overlooking Sliema

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