August 25, 2015

I’ve been thin all my life, and, as weird as it may sound, have always struggled to gain weight despite the amount of food I stuff my body with. My family knows that I eat like a construction worker, my friends had seen me refill my plate several times at an eat-all-you-can buffet, heck, I even finish off my boyfriend’s meal when his stomach can’t take any more food (like, seriously, what’s the matter with him)!

As I look back on my early teens, people pretty much had a clear expectation of how I’d look as my age continues to roll – they said my metabolism would eventually “slow down” and putting on a few pounds would be inevitable. How wrong were their predictions!

“Wait till she turns 18, her tummy will start looking like ours!” said the mothers that I was surrounded with when I was 12.

When I turned 18, only my bosoms became fatter.

“Oh, wait till you turn 25, all the food that you eat will start going down all the wrong places in your body”, said my sincere (aging) friends.

I’m already 27 and I still look somewhat the same as when I was 18.

My point here is, although I appeared slim, I always felt tired and never looked toned or fit. So, last year I decided it was time I did something about my body. But with my small physique, working out seemed pointless. However, a friend who works as a part-time physical trainer said that it’s simply a question of getting the right kind of training in place, combined with some basic lifestyle adjustments. Long story short, I “hired” him as my personal trainer and he shed a new light of understanding on the importance and fundamentals of exercising and working out properly. Bonus point: we didn’t even have to go to the gym! I carry out my workouts at a nearby park and even from the comfort of my home. I will expound on this at a later stage.

After a few months of working out with him yelling in my ear to keep pushing myself, I was finally set free to fly on my own, that is, work out by myself and apply the basics he taught me in all my workout routine. I’m still on the long road to putting on size and definition, it will take time but the journey is making me physically stronger.

Therefore, this is the beginning of my #ThinButStrong series.

You don’t need to be strong from the start. You just need to start.

Please bear with the quality of photos below as these were all self-timed. I’m not really fond of working out indoors but the unbearable hot weather left me with no choice but be confined at home.


Ah, I’m being photographed! Hence, I’ll pull a smile 😛

How unglamorous

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