September 17, 2015

The unbearable days of Dubai summer is finally, although very slowly, drawing to a close – which means one can endure being outdoors for more than five minutes. To me, it only implies frequent trips to the beach! I tend to be on autopilot as I go through the day during weekdays, so I ensure that my schedule every Saturday leaves room for my much-needed fix of beach and sunsets to perk me up. I just love watching the sun melt in the horizon as I feel the foam of the sea brush against my legs; jump waves in the shallows and while away the time immersed in the sea water; bobbing in the big blue under the clear, azure sky…. sigh. This is why I look forward to Saturdays, to enjoy the things that are most often overlooked due to the hustle and bustle of daily life. It is also a time for me to unplug and just soak in the beauty that surrounds me, and for this reason I am thankful to have been given days off work. I hope that you would also have that one day of rest and completely bask in the glory of being alive.

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend ahead!


Photo by Allan Roska


That’s my sister, Sarah! 🙂

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