January 12, 2016

There are days when I don’t feel the need to be sartorially satisfied before stepping out of the house, especially when there is a slight chill in the air. As much as I would love to begin wearing proper winter clothes, the Middle East is not quite there yet. So for now I’m dressing for the transitional weather with bare legs. In saying this, I really cannot wait to be all wrapped up in a country with temps as low as -4C!

My fondness of wearing black and white clothing is no secret, it is fail-safe and instantly makes me look effortlessly pulled together 😛 however, I decided to stretch myself a little and style an outfit that is a bit edgy, dark and fun all in one (or at least that’s how I think it is). Allan’s dark denim polo (which I borrowed and is now residing in my closet) and my new white 3/4-sleeve dress combo was a no-brainer, so I matched the outfit to my new pair of combat boots and gave my hair a bit of a rumple to complete the look. I looked in the mirror to check I wasn’t a complete mess and found it subtly giving a nod to the seventies grunge trend.

I couldn’t be happier with the result.

ECCO Boots | Reformation Dress | H&M Polo Shirt

ALLN6075 ALLN6096 ALLN6099 ALLN6107 ALLN6116 ALLN6122 ALLN6125

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