March 7, 2016

When I was in my teens, my sartorial taste was limited only to boxy shirts and baggy pants, with matching sneakers from Skechers as my footwear. Of course, the size of my wardrobe has grown substantially since I started working and getting my paychecks. However, I later realized the unnecessary garment purchases that I picked up on impulse were too colourful for my taste. I haven’t even had the chance to wear many of them so I decided to sell a number of unused and worn-once items years later. That’s when I decided to stick to classy and timeless ensembles, causing my closet to brim over with neutral and black and white pieces. It will really take a special piece of clothing to steer me away from my fail-safe colours, and I know many of you can relate to my eternal struggle with mixing-and-matching outfits that are in screaming colour! So please don’t be disappointed if this is another outfit post of me in yet another black dress. Besides, black is always The New Black 😀

Anyway, my friends, Allan and I road-tripped to the beautiful The Cove Rotana Resort in Ras Al Khaimah for an overnight stay during the weekend. Given my hiatus from blogging, I thought of squeezing in a quickie photoshoot with Allan so I could jump right back into the blogosphere with a sensible post. Or so I envisioned. I pretty much had a clear expectation about how I’d roll (as in rock & roll) with the outfit I had in mind — definitely with some footwear on! A few moments into dressing up for the shoot, I realized that I had forgotten the sandals I planned to match the outfit with despite all the pummeling my weekend getaway bag had to go through as I made sure I had everything in place – ugh, what a total blunder. So, in a serious – and thankfully, successful – attempt to keep on schedule and not be too bummed out about it, the ever-so-calm Allan suggested that I frolic barefooted on the dome-shaped rooftop to which I willingly obliged.

If there is one style of clothing in which I feel completely at ease, it is this gorgeous Charlene dress which I got from one of my favourite online shops, Reformation. It presents the features I look out for in a dress: ruffled sleeves, nipped waists, a floor-length skirt with, er, a high slit. It can easily be transformed from casual to dressy, to anything in between and I am lovin’ it! I also wore this during my recent visit to the Philippines and did receive a number of compliments, so expect to see me living in this dress in the coming months.

Reformation Dress, ALDO Accessories & Sunglasses, Lovita Rings







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