June 7, 2014

Last Friday, my family and I, with Allan wheeling along, went to Al Raha Beach Hotel in Abu Dhabi to spend their last weekend here in the UAE. It was a short one night stay but we managed to pack in quite a few activities, including a trip to YAS Waterworld!

Also, we were blessed with the opportunity to stay in a Royal Suite Room, complete with three spacious bedrooms (two with the view of the beach) as well as a kitchen and an immaculately designed living room (imagine having two sets of sofas in one living room!), not to mention that we only paid for it for the price of three Standard Rooms! Don’t you just love unexpected upgrades? 😛 It was a wonderful getaway with them.

Anyway, Allan – along with his 50kg equipment – wanted to maximise our time out of town by, of course, doing a shoot with me. When he asked me if we could do a video shoot early in the morning for a change, I excitedly jumped at the chance because I’ve been wanting to scratch the itch to do a lookbook video for quite a while now. In addition, it was the perfect time for me to potter around the hotel in my sheer, backless summer dress without getting attention from a legion of sunbathers. Aaaaand ultimately, I can’t describe in words how thrilled I am to my toes to be debuting my first (ever!) lookbook video!

Considering the heat that is now upon us, summer dresses are our ultimate wardrobe must-have. ZARA’s collection of summer and sundresses is a must-see (and buy!) this season. I picked this powdery-blue, flowy dress as the best throw-on-and-go piece to add in my closet. This is just the kind of easy, breezy outfit that you will most likely see me in over the next few months. 🙂

So finally here it is! They said a photo paints a thousand words, but sometimes a video tells the whole story.

Summer Dress Zara | Videographer Allan Roska

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