September 6, 2015

Reading the news depresses me greatly. Sometimes, a bit of me feels inadequate as I watch a part of the world crumble while I’m in the comfort of my bed. I wish there was something I could do to help those who are holding on for dear life, those who are fleeing from their own motherland to find refuge in a foreign country. I feel a heavy weight of emotion seeing greed and the hunger for power take precedence at the expense of a great number of innocent lives, particularly children. I simply have no words for how I feel.

In light of the fact that the Lord’s return is at hand, I am reminded by Paul in Philippians4:1 to stand fast, to stand confidently, to stand firmly in Jesus for when He returns, He will put all things in order. Despite feeling disheartened by the series of catastrophic events, a big part of me is even more encouraged to share Jesus with others. Sure, I am not perfect and, needless to say, fail Jesus miserably on a daily basis, but I know that His Holy Spirit is continually working within me to change and sanctify me, and to help me run the race of life looking to Him the pioneer and perfecter of my faith.

There are times when I find it hard to let go of the baggage of worries I have and think far too much about what I’m feeling, analyzing my situation endlessly and pondering my circumstances tirelessly, but the Scripture reminds me that the crown of joy lies in sharing with others who don’t know Jesus. I’m really praying that those who feel hopeless and are weighed down by oppression would open their hearts to Jesus and find eternal joy in Him.

Photo by Allan Roska

Photo by Allan Roska

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