November 14, 2013

Generally speaking, I don’t give particular TLC to my hair when it comes to styling it. As long as I shampoo and condition it, I am good to go. Oftentimes, I leave the house with my hair wet and uncombed

because blow-drying and combing and brushing it is such a hassle! Unless a special occasion demands glammed-up hair, you are most likely to see me with my hair twisted into a bun – neat bun, messy bun, whatever bun – on a regular day. This has been my go-to everyday hairstyle and saves me a LOT of time spent in front of the mirror. I allow my hair to dry naturally for a couple of hours then devote a good 59 seconds gathering my hair into a high ponytail to create a “nest” on my head.  In addition, it results in a lovely wave of curls once I let my hair loose after hours of being pinned into a bun! Take note, I am not promoting laziness here, it’s just…more convenient, you know. 😉



Oh yes, I am so feeling it…


Lensed by Allan Roska

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