June 6, 2015

Every year I ensure that I take at least a couple of weeks away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai and fly out to the Philippines to spend time with my loved ones. This year, my trip was extra special because I had to stand in as one of my boyfriend’s sister’s bridesmaids – the wedding was held in one of my favourite islands in the Philippines: Bohol.

It was my second time to visit this beautiful piece of paradise and it pays to explore the island on your own. And let’s not forget about my hometown, Batangas. It offers countless famed touristy sites that Philippines is famous for. I just wish I had taken more photos but I was drinking in every moment I had spent there.

It’s safe to say that I’ve got a case of travel lust with my Motherland.

Mountain of clouds. Taken “on the way” to the Philippines.

Chillin’ at Cintai Corito’s Garden

Spending time with Tim.

With my baby brother, Timothy

Nope, I’m not in Bali, Indonesia. This is in Batangas, baby!



IMG_20150522_055201-01Early morning stroll on Alona Beach

20150519_152306-01In Bohol

20150520_062310-01Taken at Amorita Resort in Bohol – I love them

20150520_082445-01View from Amorita Resort. This is the Alona Beach, people

20150520_154518-01The wedding venue – Bohol Beach Club





Taken during our tour of the island - this is the Loboc RiverTaken during our tour of the island – this is the Loboc River

20150521_145646-01With my siblings, Sarah and John

20150521_152320-01Cruising through the famous jungle river that is the Loboc River

ALLN3628Took a quickie snap at the man-made forest – Bohol

Took a quickie snap at the man-made forest - BoholTook a quickie snap at the man-made forest – Bohol


Reached the top of the observation deck to view the chocolate hills… after conquering 214 steps!

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  1. Angel says:

    i want to go to Bohol! :))) can you go back there with us?? 🙂 lovely photos.

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