November 1, 2015

Granted, a throwback post, but this deserves to be shared again. 🙂

The more eagle-eyed of you may have noticed that I play favourites when it comes to deciding what bag to accessorize my outfit with. It has been with me since late last year and had seen me through several outfit posts, so, I thought why not give it a chance to shine on my blog?

The star of this post is no other than my black cross-body bag with studs (tuds-tuds-tuds). I tend to be very finicky when it comes to details especially when I have an idea of what I want hanging over my head. I’m not sure if being OC(PD) about it is a minimalist’s mentality, but I obsess a little when I can’t find “my fantasy” despite searching far and wide. The design or look that I build up in my head is very restricted (to size, length, colour, price etc), hence I have no choice but bear the pain (of hunting through every store there is) that I inflict upon myself. I was about to give up on finding the perfect go-to bag for me, but when I absent-mindedly wandered through a shop that I don’t usually visit, lo and behold, there it was dangling on a lonely rack as if gleaming under a dozen spotlights, and beckoning me to grab hold of it. I felt my heart swell when I ran my fingers through the studs, slowly drinking in its beauty that springs forth from its simplicity. I was nearly in tears, and for a moment, I was lost in my own bubble. But then of course a salesperson had to be a villain and ruin everything.

“Hi, ma’am. Can I help you?”

“GO AWAY!”, said the voice in my head. But the words that proceeded out of my lips were, “Ah, yes. I’d like to have this, please.”

“Wow, ma’am, great choice. It’s in the sale.”

OH, YOU HAVE GOT TO BE JOKING ME!? The bag that depicts my personality is in the sale?!?! What an added factor, right?! As it turned out, she wasn’t a villain after all but a hero’s sidekick! Needless to say, I got the hero all to myself and managed to save a few hundred dirhams!

I got this from Milano and it has become my go-to bag since then. But that’s not to say I’m confining myself to only one bag. I’m actually eyeing off something (fancy) that would cost me my kidney, so I’m still saving up for it. Till then, enjoy checking my baby out!

Photos are by yours truly 😉


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