September 14, 2015

It was somewhat a mild, sun-washed Friday afternoon with an azure sky and a (very) few fleecy clouds, so Allan and I seized the opportunity of taking a long drive to Abu Dhabi for a pleasant, albeit very short, escape – and by “pleasant escape” I mean taking a stroll in YAS Mall 😛 we explored every inch of the mall, stopping along the way to grab a quick bite and take a few snapshots of me and of anything that interests us… but mostly of me, hehe. After almost 5 hours of walking through every shop, we decided to dash off to a nearby park to catch the last rays of sunset for a quick photoshoot. Shortly after that, we headed back to Dubai feeling a bit exhausted but extremely happy to have been given the golden opportunity to spend time together. Allan and I capped off the night with a refreshing glass of pomegranate-orange juice which he lovingly prepared.

Anyway, I’m the breed of person who dresses for any occasion. A simple out-of-town date had me wearing this cute separates which I recently purchased from my new favourite online shop called Reformation – they make killer clothes that don’t kill the environment! Bearing in mind my perennial penchant for anything off-shoulder, I fell inlove with this ensemble at first sight, although it took me 3 long days to actually hit the Purchase button. I was very impressed with the ultra fast delivery of my goodies – got it within 3 days of ordering it! I was even more giddy to my toes when I wrapped my hands around it. I took some time feeling the fabric with my fingers and scrutinizing every millimitre of it. It was different to my touch, a good kind of different. I was so delighted when I tried it on – the fit was perfect and depending on my mood, can be dressed up or down. On this occasion, I paired it with my favourite flat slide sandals and topped it off with a panama hat for that casual chic look.

Note: Reformation so easily topped the charts of my go-to online shop.

Another note: I had a kimono on while walking around the mall 😉

Separates Reformation | Flat Sandals Payless | Hat Forever 21 | Bag Mango

Photographer Allan Roska

ALLN7148 ALLN7153 ALLN7192 ALLN7196

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2 responses to “Waterfall”

  1. Bing says:

    Thats so me when ordering online,takes me days sometimes weeks to decide to buy something,this was a good purchase,complimented your abs really well,xoxo Bing.

    • Divi says:

      And we also have to fight the fear of losing the item to someone else because we overthink about purchasing or not! 😀 thank you so much! This number became an instant favourite! <3

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