May 9, 2016

I’m in awe at how quickly this year is zipping by – funny, because I say this every month. I can hardly believe that we’ve waltzed into May just like that, leaving the past four months behind. Summer has well and truly settled in and it’s becoming increasingly intolerable to stay outdoors without griping about how hot it is! Many of the people I know have booked, are booking, and will be booking a ticket out of the sandbox to escape the heat to keep their sanity. As for me, I consider it just another summer in Dubai 🙂

Now that the temperature is rising, I decided that all my darker garments have to fall to the wayside for now and give way to its counterpart – The Whites. I reached into the back of my closet and brought back to life the classic midi skirt I got from Alice McCall last summer. I justified buying it through all the ways I could wear it, and notably, by how classy it makes me feel. Its versatility allows me to wear it in many ways – you’ve seen me wear it here and here.

I like to incorporate classic and trendy items with my looks – or at least I try to. This time, I paired the skirt with a white cami top with layers that falls beautifully. Also, unlike other cami tops, this piece sits perfectly on the neckline. I then decided to do away with a boater hat and flat pointed-toe slides to complete the look, both in white, no less.












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